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Ladder OS Ø250 №3

Product Code: Фреза алмазная торцевая
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Diamond cutter LADDER is fundamentally different from the old tools due to the composition of the diamond mix in a metal bundle.

Thanks to new technologies, it significantly reduces the number of operations (transitions).

Universal tool, is used as with №200, so and with №300.

Significantly reduces the number of transitions in the chain, allows you to exclude from the work of FASH №1,2 and №50,120.

Reduces the cost of the finished product by 25% by eliminating the intermediate numbers of diamond cutters.

High productivity-up to 12 sq. m. polished per shift.

Increased cutter life (up to 500 sq. m.) allows you to save up to 20 thousand rubles per season.

It is recommended to use with the instrument Lader, grinder, Track. 

The declared characteristics of the tool are provided by strict observance of the sizes and geometry of the faceplate!

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